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Xbox Wireless Controllers will be made available by Microsoft in Malaysia.

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Microsoft pulled us away to its Sydney headquarters shortly after the hands-on session for the Redfall preview build to discuss its intentions for the SEA area. While much of it was spent on the PC Game Pass’s performance in the area and its impending year anniversary here, the business did make one significant news. The business wants to expand the number of Xbox goods it offers in the area.

Because the news was under embargo, we were unable to discuss it sooner. Nevertheless, now that restriction has been lifted, I can let you know that Microsoft plans to begin its growth with Xbox accessories, and more particularly, the Xbox Wireless Controllers. And to be even more precise, it only affects the basic model controller. According to the company’s Asia Business Director, Jeremy Hinton, neither the Xbox Elite controllers nor any of the special edition colours we’ve previously reported on will be arriving during this initial wave.According to Microsoft, this will be the first time the company has extended into the Malaysian, Filipino, and Indonesian markets, while Thailand and Vietnam will now have a wider selection of products. Singapore was the only nation in the area with access to the whole Xbox hardware lineup, making it the odd man out.Despite all of this, Microsoft has not yet disclosed an expected date for the expansion. Instead, the corporation says that when the launch dates approach, representatives will let us know. The same goes for any more items that may be on their way to us; the business only informs us when we approach their anticipated release dates, if any.

Before anybody in Malaysia can get an Xbox without travelling to Singapore to the south or importing from Hong Kong, for example, a considerable time will have passed. Nonetheless, it’s still a fantastic start, and it’s encouraging to know that Microsoft is conscious of the need for more Xbox in the area outside PC Game Pass.

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