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The last patch for Marvel’s Avengers will be released today.

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Marvel’s Avengers

Support for Marvel’s Avengers is waning little under three years after its debut. Marvel’s Avengers has received a last round of features and bug fixes with the patch 2.8 that Crystal Dynamics issued today. The game will be taken off the market later this year.

In a blog post, Crystal Dynamics announced the patch and expressed gratitude to the community for its support. The patch adds several additional bug fixes in addition to focusing on adding the game’s final features.The Hero Challenge Cards and Shipments systems are completely removed from the game in Patch 2.8, and their prizes are now available in the Marketplace. This increases the accessibility of many of the game’s cosmetic items. Also, the update transforms Hero’s Catalysts and Fragment Extractors into a permanent 1.5x multiplier on earned Fragments and XP and automatically converts player Credit balances into in-game resources.

Players will also receive Iron Man’s Variable Threat Reaction Battle Suit as a thank you present if they won at least one Trophy before April 1.

Many bug fixes are also included in the patch notes, which are available in full on the Crystal Dynamics website and cover everything from combat to specific animations.On September 30, Marvel’s Avengers’ official support will stop, and the game will thereafter be taken off the market. In our review, we scored Marvel’s Avengers a 6, praising its campaign but criticising its loot-based endgame and initial lack of task diversity. Quite a number additional characters and features have since been added by Crystal Dynamics, but a former creative director nevertheless offered an apology for the game last month.

Patch 2.8 Notes Summary New Features for Marvel’s Avengers

The Marketplace is now accessible! Why does this matter?
Almost all Outfits, Emotes, Takedowns, and Nameplates, both MCU- and non-MCU-inspired, are now readily available on your Hero Card.
Nonetheless, items that are acquired through the campaign or bought from the cosmetic vendor must be acquired, as they always have done.

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Hero Challenge Cards and the Shipments mechanism are no longer included in the game at all. The hundreds of Marketplace products that are automatically awarded when you upgrade to v2.8 include things that were previously earnable via Shipments and Hero Challenge Cards.
After upgrading to v2.8, you may access all of the Marketplace content that has been unlocked without being online.
We’re giving out Iron Man’s “Variable Threat Reaction Battle Suit” as a special Founder’s Gift to gamers who have supported us throughout the trip. Each player who achieved at least one Trophy or Achievement prior to April 1 will automatically receive this Outfit.

The balances of all previously held Credits have been changed to in-game resources.
Catalysts for Owned Heroes and Fragment Extractors are no longer available in the game.On April 4, a quick patch called Update 2.8.1 will launch to remedy a known problem.

Fixing bugs

A problem with AI companions aiming at Kate Bishop’s Decoy was fixed, along with other issues for the Reassemble Campaign and Avengers Initiative.
There are several fixes for the fighting mechanics.
Slight changes to gear upgrading, end-game mission prizes, and gear stats
Corrections to the user interface, including the addition of missing elements and replacement text for animations that appear erroneously during combat

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