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Fans of the Minnesota Timberwolves will soon have access to a new FOH DiGiCo console.

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The 20,500-seat Target Center, which opened in 1990, is home to the WNBA’s Lynx and the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves, among many other events. Past performances have included Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks, and, of course, hometown icon Prince. To improve the spectator experience, a new sound system was, however, required.

As a result, Windy Shores Sound installed a DiGiCo(opens in new tab) S31 console at the front of house at Target Center last fall. Its arrival marked the completion of a lengthy sound system update that had started with the installation of an L-Acoustics Kara PA system five years earlier. The arena suffers from the typical budget-related municipal bureaucracy problems that plague city-owned facilities, and it took some time for other aspects of the venue’s audio to catch up.

The infrastructure surrounding the PA system was improved, but a lot of it was kept in place, according to Matt Guzy, vice president of sales and engineering at Windy Shores Sound. Herbie Woodruff, who was at the time their house tech, crew chief, and sound engineer, had to deal with a console that was over 20 years old and analogue, like the majority of the rest of the equipment and cabling, which was becoming more and more unstable. Herbie once said, “It’s time.” That was, too. The DiGiCo S31 is what we advised. It possesses the input/output (I/O), power, and processing required for a large facility like Target Center. outputs that can be configured as either analogue or AES. It also features 31 physical faders and three 10-inch multitouch screens. Because Windy Shores Sound extended the station’s existing tiny Dante network to the broadcast port and the venue’s stage box, the desk now acts as the centre of the audio system for the space.

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The inclusion of the S31, according to Chris Benson, head of audio for Target Center, has significantly altered the venue’s audio operation. First off, it’s simpler to manage the increased variety of audio sources, including as PA announcements, the game DJ at the stadium, and video arriving from the control room with coordinated dialogue, music, and sound quality

The hip-hop ensemble that played during the Timberwolves game last night is only one example of the halftime entertainment that some games have, he said.Having a lot more inputs means it can manage more, which is a huge benefit.

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direct sources as well as in-ear monitors. Simply said, it makes things much simpler.

Benson is really using it to experiment with the house sound by augmenting it by taking a feed through Dante from the radio broadcast of games, which picks up the impact sound of the basketballs striking the rims and backboard. Lavalier mics are put on the hoops to capture this sound. With this console, he claimed, “Trying new things is simpler.” In early March, Target Center hosted the 2023 Big Ten Women’s Basketball Tournament. “It also helps us make the transitions between events, like as between NBA games and that,” said the host.

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