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A Last of Us PC patch prevents characters from becoming mysteriously drenched in water.

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The PC version of The Last of Us Part I, which was released in late March and had a number of issues, now has yet another patch available. This most recent patch, which updates the game to version, among other things, fixes further performance-related issues as well as difficulties with the user interface and graphics.

Characters “suddenly appearing wet during gameplay,” which was a strange problem, is fixed with this patch. The update also fixes a problem that can prevent horse animations from loading during a particular in-game cinematic. The complete patch notes are listed below.

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“Naughty Dog and our collaborators at Iron Galaxy are paying special attention to player feedback to support upcoming updates and patches. The developer stated in its blog post containing the patch notes, “We are actively optimizing, working on game stability, and implementing further fixes which will all be included in regularly published future updates.

The list of known issues maintained by Naughty Dog is available for anyone who is still having issues. It is suggested that those having problems get in touch with help.

The Last of Us Part I for PC was assessed to be “effectively a beta” before the introduction of several fixes, according to a technical examination.

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Part I of The Last of Us is Fix Notes
Fixed a crash that could happen while switching quickly between thumbnails of different character skins.
Fixed a crash that might happen when the game first started up on version during the loading of the shaders.
Updated texture streaming to lower CPU consumption, which fixed a known problem that would occur periodically during gaming.
Fixed a problem where the analogue sticks on DualSense and Xbox One controllers wouldn’t react Fixed a problem where unnecessary SFX played in both the main and in-game “Options” menus
Fixed a problem where the Render Scale settings (Options > Display > Resolution Scaling > Render Scale) could affect the sharpness of the Depth of Field setting (Options > Graphics > Post-Effects Settings > Depth of Field).

VRAM use is now appropriately displayed by the updated graphics settings (Options > Graphics) user interface.
a problem where the Environments Texture Quality option (Options > Graphics > Texture Settings > Environments Texture Quality) did not show the accurate VRAM use had been resolved
Fixed an issue where certain artefacts and weapon skin textures may not render correctly Fixed an issue where the pop-up to activate diagnostics after a crash did not show
Fixed a problem where the tutorial’s user interface was misdisplaying.
Fixed a problem where mouse wheel scrolling in drop-down menus sometimes accelerate more quickly than intended
active loading increased to decrease load times during gaming progression
Fixed a problem where, after leaving the Pause menu, the camera orientation would warp to the cursor point.

(“Photo Mode”) The Quarantine Zone’s camera rotation problem with the Lighting tab has been resolved The character of the player and their gaming companions could occasionally seem damp during gameplay (The Quarantine Zone, Left Behind) has been fixed. [The Outskirts] has had a problem with lighting and texture that could flicker while playing fixed. [The Suburbs] has had a geometry gap that was apparent during gameplay fixed. Fixed a problem where, while playing [The Suburbs], animations might not load. The sniper in-game cinematic’s window-breaking and car-shaking effects have been restored.
Toby’s Dam Horse animations that failed to load during an in-game cinematic have been fixed.
The bus depot Fixed a problem where water effects can appear choppy while playing.

Unaccompanied by Standalone
Fixed a bug where, while using Slow Motion with V-Sync off, watergun bullets would appear to hit Riley but wouldn’t register.
Fixed a crash that could happen as you follow Riley in the shopping centre.
greater attention to detail in the Halloween shop
a crash that might happen when the optional conversation at the Affordable Getaways poster is triggered has been fixed
a cutscene’s graphics for story parts no longer display as having low quality.
Updated ESDF control method in the arcade minigame to use ‘G’ as the alt key to more closely reflect gameplay punching input.

fixed a problem where the screen magnifier might not function
Fixed a problem where the player character model could occasionally cut through Navigation Assistance’s directional icon.
[HUNGARIAN, ENGLISH] Language modifications [THAI, LATAM SPANISH, KOREAN] for the adaptable triggers and touch pad of the DualSense controller [SWEDISH] Menu translations have been updated. Missing text-to-speech in menus has been added [SWEDISH] Language on the crash window has been fixed.

a problem where the AMD RX 5700 and RX 6600 Series GPUs’ improper default graphics settings were applied has been resolved
Deck of Steam
Fixed a problem where PSO Caching can freeze when 50% done
Fixed a problem that might push a player into gameplay when using a DualSense controller to watch cutscenes from the Cinematics menu. Modified the user interface to display Steam Deck controls in the Screen Magnifier menu.
Weapon and health elements in the HUD have been moved around.

Store Version for Epic Games
The “Who’s a Good Boy?” accomplishment no longer remained locked in spite of the player fulfilling the prerequisites.
fixed a bug that might cause the sky to appear dark

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