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Babar or Kohli, who is better?

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Babar or Kohli

It might be challenging to compare two outstanding cricketers like Virat Kohli and Babar Azam because everyone has their own distinct skills and attributes. But, I’ll try to give a thorough study of both players in this essay and contrast their skills to conclude who is a superior player.

Pakistani batsman Babar Azam has long been causing a stir in the world of international cricket. He is regarded as one of his generation’s most gifted and reliable batters. Babar is renowned for his flawless footwork, timing, and shot selection. He can score runs in all game types because to his solid approach. He presently holds the #1 spot among T20I batters and is among the top five ODI batsmen in the globe.

On the other hand, Indian batsman Virat Kohli is regarded as one of the best batsmen in history. He is renowned for his aggressive playing style and reliability in scoring runs. In all forms of the game, Kohli has an impressive record, and he has set some incredible career milestones. He now holds the #1 spot among ODI and Test batsmen.

We must evaluate Babar Azam and Virat Kohli’s performances in all facets of the game, like as batting, leadership, and fielding, in order to compare them.


Babar Azam has an impressive batting average of 56.83 in ODIs and 48.13 in T20Is. He has scored 13 centuries and 17 half-centuries in ODIs, and 2 centuries and 16 half-centuries in T20Is. His highest score in ODIs is 210*, and in T20Is, it is 122. Babar’s consistency and ability to score runs in all conditions make him a reliable batsman for Pakistan.

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On the other hand, Virat Kohli has a phenomenal batting average of 59.07 in ODIs and 50.80 in Tests. He has scored 43 centuries and 64 half-centuries in ODIs, and 28 centuries and 25 half-centuries in Tests. His highest score in ODIs is 183, and in Tests, it is 254*. Kohli’s ability to score runs at a rapid pace and in pressure situations makes him a feared batsman in world cricket.


Babar Azam was appointed as the captain of the Pakistani cricket team in November 2020. Since then, he has led the team in 13 ODIs and 14 T20Is, winning 7 and 8 matches, respectively. Babar’s leadership skills and calm demeanor have impressed many, and he is seen as a potential long-term captain for Pakistan.

Virat Kohli, on the other hand, has been leading the Indian cricket team since 2017. Under his leadership, India has won several notable series, including the 2018 U-19 World Cup, the 2019 Border-Gavaskar Trophy, and the 2021 series against England. Kohli’s aggressive approach and ability to lead from the front have made him a successful captain for India.


Babar Azam is an excellent fielder, with quick reflexes and a safe pair of hands. He has taken 23 catches in ODIs and 18 catches in T20Is. Babar is known for his agility and athleticism on the field, and he has saved many runs for Pakistan with his brilliant fielding.

Virat Kohli is also a fantastic fielder, with a great throwing arm and exceptional agility. He has taken 131 catches in ODIs and 54 catches in Tests. Kohli’s ability to cover

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